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“Here is a little book that will shake your world. Eng Hoe’s ‘The Gospel of the Kingdom’, will challenge assumptions and shatter paradigms. We need to learn more of the Gospel of the Kingdom, so the world can see more of the Kingdom of God in our lives.”Darrow Miller, Co-Founder, Disciple Nations Alliance

“Eng Hoe is a talented trainer and community development practitioner who has a real gift for synthesizing, simplifying and making practical important ideas. He has done us all a great service by masterfully weaving together the key biblical concepts for transformational ministry that have shaped his own life. This is a highly readable and powerful book. I heartily recommend it!”Scott Allen, President, International Secretariat, Disciple Nations Alliance

‘The Gospel of the Kingdom’ by Eng Hoe is one of the best books I’ve read in recent times. I deeply appreciate the fearlessness and the forthrightness with which the author deals with the much neglected subject of love for the poor and needy. I guarantee that every reader will get a fresh glimpse into the heart of God.”R. Stanley, Founder, Blessing Youth Mission, India

“All Christians should read this book and allow His love to flood us afresh” – Roxanne Tan, Starfish International Partnerships Coordinator, Singapore

“This is one of those books that I would categorize as a “must read”.. I have been infected by his passion”Paul Balasundaram, Former Executive Director, Haggai Institute, India and Starfish Coordinator for India

“Say good bye to Plato’s dualism and welcome a solid Biblical argument for the recovery of so oft forgotten dimensions of the Gospel and the true nature of the church”Carlos Calderon, International Director, Partners International

“Eng Hoe has written a book that will challenge us to re-examine our walk with God .. This book does not allow us to hold a ‘neutral’ position. It forces us to take sides.”The Very Revd Kuan Kim Seng, Dean, St. Andrew’s Cathedral, (Anglican) Diocese of Singapore

“Love fuels us to .. enter the world of the ones we love, .. Eng Hoe has done a great job with this book being a Kingdom tour guide into the world of the poor” – Wolfgang Simson, author of ‘Houses that Change the World’ and ‘Starfish Manifesto’



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