The Sons of Issachar

Servant Leaders

Litany of Humility

God’s Army – People of a different spirit. How Jesus defeated Satan

What happened in the Garden of Eden?

Why that Tree?

Costly but not precious

Joe Ozawa’s dream

Awakening to a World of Need

Paradigm shifts

Parable of the old man who wanted to go to the bathroom

Who was this woman?

The poor are closer to God (and a test for the rich!)

The devil has deceived the church

Who is qualified?

Making sense of it all

More shaking

Rom.8:28 Possibly the most misunderstood verse of the Bible

Further reflections on suffering – being made into His likeness

“I am raising up the Davids”

Why are we so blind?

Can you become the friend of one poor family?

This is Danis

We become most like God when we love

A love without condition

What is the church that Jesus is coming back for?

Two paradigms of spirituality

How does the world look at the church?

What is God’s vision?

Can an NGO love?

Do we have to tithe?

Do we have to tithe – part 2

God is Our Eternal Source

Jn.3:16 is the Most Misunderstood Verse in the Bible

 Five possible responses and “jugard”

Your Kingdom Come

The Problem with the Seven Mountains/Spheres Teaching

Why did God Create Us?

We Cannot Crucify Ourselves

Touch Times are Coming – Choose Wisely

How much junk is on my white board?

Upside Down Kingdom

Jesus Came to Turn Everything Upside Down


Taking Stock 

In Your light we see light

Kingdom 1

Kingdom 2

Kingdom 3

Kingdom 4

Kingdom 5

Kingdom 6

Kingdom 7

Kingdom 8

Kingdom 9

Kingdom 10

Kingdom 11

Kingdom 12

Kingdom 13

Kingdom 14

Kingdom 15

Kingdom 16

Kingdom 17

Kingdom 18

Kingdom 19

Kingdom 20

Kingdom 21

Kingdom 22

Kingdom 23

Kingdom 24

Kingdom 25

Kingdom 26

Kingdom 27

Kingdom 28

Kingdom 29

Kingdom 30

Kingdom 31

Kingdom 32

Kingdom 33

Kingdom 34

Kingdom 35

Kingdom 36

Kingdom 37

Kingdom 38

Kingdom 39

Kingdom 40

Kingdom 41

Kingdom 42

Kingdom 43

Kingdom 44

Kingdom 45

Kingdom 46

Kingdom 47

Kingdom 48

Kingdom 49

Kingdom 50

Kingdom 51

Kingdom 52

Kingdom 53

Kingdom 54

Kingdom 55

Kingdom 56

Kingdom 57

Kingdom 58

Kingdom 59

Kingdom 60

Kingdom 61

Kingdom 62

Kingdom 63


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